Poem: Invincible



There are flowers on the window sill.
Wildflowers in a blue vase.
A small oasis
in a life that is anything but.

You release a sigh,
and with it, tension.
You focus, completely on the still life

and feel your own heart still,
your breath slow.
You fall into yourself,

You sip your coffee,
your morning slowed to the point
you control it. Not the other way around.

There is a small smile on your face.
Today will be a day of victories.
You know it, not even knowing the battles that await you.

Still. Slow. Aware,
you are invincible.

About this poem

How we start our day can color the entire day. The days I manage to keep to my routine of prayer, meditation, and writing, I can handle anything.

I have a lot of little places of peace around my house. Still life vignettes. They do my soul good. Not quite temples, but soul stilling none the less.

Today is a good day.

From those things, this poem.


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