Poem: Dancing at Lent

Dancing at Lent

Ash Wednesday, and then it is Lent,
a season of sacrifice,
a reminder of Christ’s own sacrifice 40 days hence.

The ashes have been wiped away
and the season begun,
barely noticed by some, for others,
it is at the heart of faith itself.

Your forehead is fresh and clean,
and your decisions made.
It is time to release the darkness,
to dance in the night,

and let your demons dance with you
before tossing them to the sky like dark balloons
for someone else to discover
after they are deflated.

Howl with the coyotes. Sing with the just arrived robins.
Wallow in the almost warm sun with the cats.
They know. Lent, for all its dour reputation,
is the almost spring, and worth celebrating.

About this poem

I’ve always seen Lent differently. And since Lent is a church-made thing, not a biblical thing, I feel comfortable with my choice.

The picture was taken behind my house a week or so ago. No photoshopping needed.


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