Poem: Persistence



Never mind the missing boards,
or the side stove in by storm or war.
Never mind the caulking, rotten and leaking.
The barnacles glued to the hull beneath.
Never mind even
if a rib or few have cracked and sit askew.
Never mind the damage,
whatever it may be.

Restoration is possible
where ever there is love enough,
and time enough,
determination enough
to persist.

About this poem

About boats. About lives. About mine.

The picture was taken at Mystic Seaport, a restoration project of the small ship, Australia.


  1. Tom, one of the things I like about my blogging on WordPress now is that I get to read poetry again.
    I have so enjoyed your poetry for a long time now.

    • Thank you. And it has been nice reading yours. One of the things I like about WordPress is the same thing – the ability to tag other writers so I see their posts.

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