Poem: White Space

White Space

I haven’t decided which I need
to say what needs saying.
poetry or prose,
pictures or paintings,
whatever I do, I seem to need

white space.
to punctuate
the rest.

About this poem

This was going to be an essay about leaving room in our lives for the important things, love, people, art, faith. I had the perfect photograph for it and a host of metaphors and examples. It was going to be glorious.

Shows what I know. Always trust your muse. Thank you Robert Hazel.


PS: Robert Hazel was my first poetry professor. A delightful old reprobate who also happened to be one hell of a poet. When I write my “The Old Poet” poems, it is Robert’s voice in my ear.

PPS: the painting is one of mine.


  1. The commonalities of our personal but diverse modes of self expression say a lot about who we are. I know the need for white space in my rhythm, rhyme, and harmony.
    This might be the first time I’ve heard you refer to yourself in the first person in your poetry. I like it!

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