Poem: No Need to Understand

No Need to Understand

Standing in the museum, it suddenly occurs to you
that there is no need to understand
to love.

About this poem.

I love this painting. Unfortunately I did not do what I normally do when I photograph art in museums. I did not photograph the label that tells me the artist, or name of the painting.

I don’t understand it at all. I can apply lots of thoughts to it, but I don’t understand it. That’s OK with me. I learned, actually quite a while ago, that I don’t need to understand everything. Love is enough.

Be well. Travel wisely,


One comment

  1. Love it. I tried to do a painting like this in studio art in high school. Never did the project, and tried to play it off with a blank canvas and explain some ridiculous meaning of life. Until the teacher said I wasn’t the first person in her 20 years to have tried that lol She said I spent more time on the name tag and stupid speech that I could’ve done the painting in the first place.

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