Poem: (Not So) Still Life

(Not so) Still Life

You look around.
The difference, had it come all at once
is startling.
New furniture. New clothes.
Rooms rearranged.
Life rearranged even more,
from start to finish.
The transition never as easy
as you might think. Change never is.

Not even good changes. Not even the best,
the ones that make you anew,
make you younger, stronger,
that build your faith into that wonderfully porus
stone wall that lets the floods flow through
and out again, leaving you
unmoved, more yourself
than you ever imagined you would be.

Looking through the window
You might think it is a still life,
this place where we live,
a beautiful vignette.

It is anything but.
And more wonderful for the motion
no one sees.

About This Poem

I spend a lot of time being grateful for the woman I love, my second chance to find a love that is what I always imagined love would be. No one could imagine the growth in both of us. That’s what happens when you live in a safe love. Even at my age.



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