Poem: Rest and Other Activities

Rest and Other Activities

Reel in the sails. Wrap them tight.
It is time to rest from the journey,
mend the nets, scrape the barnacles,
patch the sails, do the work of quiescence.

Less romantic perhaps than sailing the seas.
But healing is no less the adventure,
the fixing of things, the preparation,
the rebuilding of strength,

the reading of maps and omens,
daydreaming and planning in equal measure,
as necessary as ropes and winches.
Rest it seems, done well, is never rest.

About this poem

At times in our lives, we feel like we are on hold. Circumstances, sickness, the world around us forces us into a pause in our progress. Done well, this time when we think we are stalled, we can put to use in ways that still move us forward.

Simply in unplanned for ways.

Be well, travel wisely,


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