Poem: My Eye Never Lies

My Eye Never Lies

They talk to you in the night.
As you sip coffee in the morning.
They distort your mirrors
and tell you lies.

It is a conspiracy
of the weak.
They prey on children,
particularly the one within.

They need you to be less
so they can be more.
To keep you in your place
as if that helped them keep theirs.

It is poison. Some of them know this.
Some do not.
It does not matter if they know or not,
the poison still kills


Such a certain poison,
that even when served the antidote,
even when told the truth,
you cannot believe it.

You are beautiful. A child of God.
inside and out. Stunning to anyone with eyes
that can see beyond their own needs to be powerful
in all the wrong ways.

You are worthy.

Of what? Of anything you value.
Love. Life. Adventure. Purpose.
I know this because I have had to learn it
myself. And have.

So listen to me. I have one old eye and it is wise.
Slow to see, what it does see always, finally,
in you, is beauty.
And my eye never lies.

About this poem

I am blind in one eye. No matter. I see better than most.



  1. Still, slow to see is the most humbling of all things beautiful. I, too, have had but one good eye for these past seven years. Only now do I begin to realize it does not limit my vision.

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