Poem: New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Slow down.
Press forward.
Throw out a few things.
Stand outside in the storms.
Slow down
Be more aware. Of everything.
Look upward more. Look beyond.
Tell fear
to fuck off.
Throw away a few more things.

the value of real things,
the cost of false things.
Pet the cats.
Hold your wife
Let the lost things stay lost.
Find new things.
Dance more.
Listen to more music.

you are enough.

About this poem.

Impromptu. Unplanned. I hate resolutions. But here we are.

Happy 2021. May it be better than you hope.



  1. Happy 2021, Tom!

    Wishing you all that you hope for, and more…….
    Your resolutions sound perfect, and enough.
    Thank you for sharing.


  2. These resonate deeply- particularly giving the finger to fear . Hell yeah. I spent several hours on Jan 1 reclaiming my studio space from the accumulated storage boxes for holiday stuff. Ready to write, paint and even dance right on into 2021 .

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