Poem: A Weakness for White Space

A Weakness for White Space

You have a weakness for white space,
empty stretches of beach and horizons,
broken things, the imperfect and unfinished.

You do not know why. Some things you just accept,
and create your art from what is, or isn’t,
and let those who see, see what they believe.

About this poem.

I am often more conscious of the white space in my paintings than the brush strokes and color. The same is true of my poetry. What is not there is as important, or more so than what is.

The older I get, the more I think this is true of life in general.


PS: The picture is of one of my practice sheets in the studio. I use a lot of practice sheets to get where I want to be. That too is life.


  1. One gift from this past year of isolation, has been an increased awareness of that “space in between, and a growing mindfulness of what, how and even if we fill it with.

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