Poem: Life In The Blur

Life in the Blur

A winters day.
The river flows under ice.
The landscape blurs past as you travel
on the train.

There is a rhythm to it.
The travel. The need for it.
The peace of it, the going, the knowing
that the where matters less

than the movement. The newness,
the familiar left behind,
the passing of fresh landscapes.
You become a stranger,

anonymous, an explorer,
content to live in the blur.

About this poem

I am not sure why I love travel so much. Any travel. It is a strange mix of losing myself and finding myself. It is neither a running towards or a running from. I feel alive and slightly lost, in a expectant way. Truly, I could travel my whole life and not miss home. (I might miss my cat.). I have wondered from time to time if travel IS my home. Does that make sense? Well, a lot of what I think, doesn’t.

The picture was taken from the train that travels from Vermont to New York City,



  1. Some people are born travellers. I have friends like that. I was one myself, once but I am happy to stay safely home now. The world has become too scary for me!

  2. Not being able to travel whenever and wherever I wanted was definitely not how I expected to experience my first year of retirement. Grateful for the internal journey I found myself on and also grateful I was able to fit in a few close to home excursions and one mini road trip. Looking forward to the adventures on the horizon.

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