Poem: Suddenly Light

Suddenly Light

I will sit here a while.
A long while.
The wind will blow.
The sun will heat the back of your neck.
Grasses will rustle.

I will be still enough
I can hear the bees as they suckle
the last of the thistles.
Still enough
I can hear my own breath
and the ocean, just over the ridge.

It is the off season
and there is a good chance
you will see no one.
Just me and God and his creation,
a world so big I can empty yourself in it
and the world will be no smaller,
but I,
I will become larger in my emptiness.
More me.
The poison expunged. Not lost,
found, suddenly light
as the wind.

About this poem

I am sneaking off to Cape Cod for a few days. Time to empty out.



  1. This is the time of the year for the beach. We were in Portsmouth Harbor as the tide turned recently. It was so calm ,and then it waved..

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