Prayers for a Tree

Prayers for a Tree

A tree. Broken from recent storms.
The split in the trunk still fresh, still raw.

It will take a season to know. Whether
the trunk sprouts anew, or simply dies,
food for the forest.

You send up a prayer for growth. For the tree.
for sprouts in the spring, new growth
in the face of death. Defying logic.

A prayer for ressurection, not unlike your own,
defying the anger of weather and storm,
grow new growth, a new canopy of limbs

to spread over the forest
and provide shade.

About this poem.

It is amazing what a tree can survive. People too.



  1. It seems lately there have been so many, too many, “broken trees” in the communities I am connected to. Storms rising from the dynamics of the times we find ourselves in.

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