Poem: Locked Out

Locked Out

The temple doors are closed,
doors to worship a God you do not recognize or know,
a foreign God of vengeance and separation,
people like me locked outside,
dangerous, evidently, far too fervent in my belief
of love, no exceptions to be allowed in the temple,
leaving you wondering
who needs protection, me, or their dark God?

About this poem.

Love, I have discovered, is considered dangerous by some. Even inside some churches. Still, it is the power that lifts, provides hope, draws people together, makes greatness possible for all peoples.

Sad as it is, I think I am OK being kept out of some temples.


PS: The picture, strange as it may seem, was taken at Disney World, in the Animal Kingdom, where they have a walk-through section that emulates Buddhist temples in the jungles of Western Asia. It may be my favorite part of Disney. Nothing happens. Things just are, and for a time you are in a world that is not your own.


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