Artist’s Date: Mass MoCA

This past weekend my wife and I took a couple of days off to go museum hopping. Sunday we went to the Clark to see the Rodin exhibit, and Monday, we went to Mass MoCA. (Mass Museum of Contemporary Art).

Mass MoCA is a huge museum housed in what was once one of the signature factories that dot the New England landscape. With just one or two exceptions, they turn around all their exhibits every six months or so, so you can go there a couple of times a year to see a whole new museum full of modern art. I love the place.

I have often said this, but for me, Mass MoCA is as much about the space as the art. And on this trip I had an acute sense of the art in space. I always love the spaces there, but for some reason, the way so many of the exhibits were set up, curated, created to fill a particular space resonated with me.

And so, these pictures, trying to capture that.


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