Poem: Becoming Light

Becoming Light

Send me. Let me travel. Let me see
more of the world than my little corner,
let me hear the prayers of others
in languages I do not know, languages
worth the learning, even in small segments,
languages that see differently than I,
Let me see the light, new light, every day.

Send me, deep into the South, the North,
through seas and roads unfamiliar, force me
to trust in the God I cannot see,
the paths without maps and signs,
Let me take pictures, write poems.
Wonder without fear. Let me become new
as love, reborn every day in the mystery,
never knowing how it happened, or why,
but sure of it none the less.

Send me to the crossing place,
where decisions are made
and there are no dire choices,
only new adventures, new dangers,
metamorphosis and fire,
places to become light.
Always, become light.

About this poem

I love travel. Travel to the next town or the next country. All of it. I am changed by all of it. Mostly, I hope, for the better.


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