Love Poem in the Key of Winter

Love Poem in the key of Winter

There is a violin playing on the stereo,
an incongruous interlude in the midst of music
not meant to be peaceful
and your mind grasps onto it, drifts, daydreams,
takes you to the sea on a winter’s day.
On the peace of it, on knowing a fire burns
inside, waiting for you when the chill seeps
into your bones, knowing love awaits,
a peaceful love that burns like fire,
a place to warm yourself against,
when you are ready. Patient and hot.
And knowing that, you can stand in the snow,
feel it, really feel it. Let it chill you.
to the bone even, knowing that before you die
there is a place you can go
that is always warm

About this poem.

Love when least expected is particularly treasured.

The picture was taken at Kennebunkport, Maine.


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