On display now……

I am grateful to North Main Gallery in Salem, NY, for displaying some of my art work in conjunction with their popular Book Arts Festival.

The picture above is of a web page that shows the art on display and gives you the contact information for the North Main Gallery. This is in addition to the photographs they are also hanging in the Gallery Annex.

I am just the sideshow for this program. The real focus is some amazing book art on display by Paula Beardell Kreig, Johanne Renbeck and others. Rethink what books are, what they mean, and how they can be created in this unique showing. Below are some examples of what you will see.

Book Art by Paula Beardell Krieg

Book Art by Paula Beardell Krieg
Book Art by Johanne Renbeck
Book Art by Johanne Renbeck
Book Art by students in the Book Arts program