Lenten Poem: Quiet Miracles


Quiet Miracles

It has been a long winter,
and the cold has left you brittle broken,
stripped of color and life,
raw, too aware

of your own failures and flaws, too aware
of of your weakness
that you once thought strength.

But underneath the snow,
underneath your own fragile failure,
there is a wonder,
God at work, subtle and silent,

unseen at first,
a weaver of quiet miracles
that penetrate not merely the snow, but also

your wounded soul.

About this Poem

Grace is an easy word to bandy about, but when you’ve been broken beyond recognition, and brought back from the brink, the miracle of grace is seen for the true wonder it is. It takes on a power far beyond mere words.

If we’ve experienced that grace, it is good to think on it, to share our gratefulness for it, and to spread the word that it’s even available, because so many do not believe it is. But those of us who have experienced it, know better.

The picture was taken in Niagra Falls, on the Canadian side.

About these Lenten Poems

My friend Cathy Benson is on to something. Instead of doing without for Lent, she is doing MORE with a prayer project that is thoughtful and caring.

Giving up something for Lent is a church tradition, not a biblical command. It was designed to get our minds and hearts right as we approach the holy week and Easter. It’s a good spiritual discipline.

But I think a spiritual discipline of doing something more is also a powerful way to prepare our hearts for Easter. The Methodists, through their “Rethink Church” initiative have come up with a photographic way to do this (see below). I am going to add a poem with each image for the lent season to help prepare myself. Feel free to glom on to the idea, visit the blog and read, or share your thoughts and prayers.


One thought on “Lenten Poem: Quiet Miracles

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