Poem: Clouds Over Venice

Clouds over Venice

Clouds Over Venice

Late in the afternoon
and dark clouds seep into the sky,
heavy with the threat of rain.

Birds fly low in the sky.
The last travelers seek refuge from the coming storm,
while you, a visitor here, stand exposed,

amazed how the city darkens,
the colors are what you see,
like a lover, your eyes focus on the beauty,

of the one you love,
no matter the weather of present
or past.

About this poem

I love Venice. If I could figure out how to make a decent living there, I’d move there in a moment. I am not unaware of the storms, the threat of the sea, or the other strange and unique hardships of the city, but Venice sings to me like no other place I have ever been.

It is same with the people in my life who sing to my heart. I am not unaware of their flaws. It is only that their flaws do not dim their beauty.


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