Poem: Google Says It’s Spring


Google Says It’s Spring

Google says it is spring,
complete with pop up flowers
so bright you cannot help but smile

even if, outside my window
it there is a monochrome landscape of snow
and a balmy 17 degrees, with snow predicted

to begin our new season.

Never mind. It is fun to pretend,
until the reality sneaks in,
and at times, healthy too

to create your own world of joy,
child like (not childish), pushing aside
the looming dark and filling it with flowers

and laughter, off key music and play.

So today you will find me painting brightly.
loving joyfully. I will deny the dark and dance.
I will buy seeds at the store and imagine gardens.

I will ignore the weather of now,
the predictions of snow, for I am made of tougher stuff
than succumbing to now. I am made

of imagination, of belief that possibility
is real.

About this poem

Google greeted me with the animation pictured above, announcing Spring. My first day of spring is 17 degrees, and a prediction of a few inches of snow this evening. Outside my window I can see the quarry, all black and white with snow against the slate.

Life has it’s own timetables. And calendars or age have little to do with it.

Thank you Google, for being today’s inspiration.


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