Poetry: Pentecost Prayer


Pentecost Prayer

Touch me with the fire,
with the passion
that my groaning bones too often lack.

Fill my empty spaces
with holy, magical fire,
with color and music and mystic moments.

Make my life,
make me,

Let my song resonate on the canyon walls,
Hold my hand, and let your fiery electricity
crackle in my life,

and let me live a dangerous love,
a blazing love I could never live
without you.

About This Poem

Today, in the Christian church calendar, it is Pentecost, the day the disciples were suddenly filled with the Holy Spirit, which appeared as tongues of fire touching each one. According to the bible, thousands were converted in that day. Many people mark this as the day when the church was first formed.

Whatever your faith tradition, however, we know there are moments when we are filled with the spirit, filled with love, and they are transformative, because love, in all its forms, is transformative. Always.



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