Poem: Evolution

rushing water_resize


You dare not touch the water,
dare not let it pull you into it’s maelstrom,
your weakness,
knowing you have flailed in these waters before,
your feet swept from under you,
your ribs and heart shattered against implacable stone,
moving faster than the speed of prayer,
tossed aside and left for dead on the muddy shore.

Much to your amazement you survived.
you crawled from the muck that colored you,
crawled through the night, found your way
to healers,
and began your slow painful return to health,
to returning,

not so much to who you were,
but to something different,
perpetually broken
but stronger for it,
a new creature, looking oddly like
the man you were before,
your scars not visible to the casual observer
and generous friend.

The water rushes by,
peaceful, deadly, a thing of beauty,
dancing high against the stones,
mesmerizing, hypnotic, mocking.
unaware of the years you have spent
recreating yourself for this moment.
reshaping your body and soul,
to live here, not in a place of fear,
but as the conqueror.
Your legs shake

as you leap, Your transformation

About this poem

When you have failed, whether it is in love, faith, art, work, and have come out of the failing broken…..  In a way, this poem is my story.

Still swimming,



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