Poem: Seagrass

seagrass 2_resize


The seagrass covers the beach,
withstands the tides and the sun.
It dies with a single step on its fragile fronds.

You tread carefully, gentle in the dawn,
aware of its power to save,
only if it is protected from your own

oblivious step

About this poem

People are often more fragile than they look. Children. Lovers. We can crush them with our words and actions. And yet, they are the very people who give us life.

The picture was taken on Cap Cod. I have only spent a few days there, but it has been an endless source of inspiration. Makes me wonder if I am still a mountain man at heart, or is something is changing.


One comment

  1. Hi Tom. I think I know how you feel. But I feel blessed because nature in all aspects means so much to me – even today when I got utterly soaked 🙂

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