Poem: Swish



I watch you walk,
the simple flow of motion and fabric,
uniquely yours,
at once innocent and womanly,
like flowers in the wind,
a thing of nature more than artifice.

You turn the corner and are gone,
but only physically.
Your essence remains
like the smile on my face.

About this poem

Yes, a love poem. The art work is one of mine called (of course) “Swish”, oil on canvas.



    • Hi Syl! I am glad like the painting. The original has a home already, but I do have an 10″ x10″ print on metal of it available for $50 plus shipping. (The original is 3′ x 3″‘)

      • Ohhhhhh, I want, Tom!! How do I pay you?
        My walls are covered with all my favorites from my time working in the College of Fine Arts and now, since I’ve retired, a few pieces from our group and some I’ve found in galleries. I love going to galleries, little artists’shops and museums!
        One of my favorite artists is Evan Lindquist, printmaker. His work is so finely detailed. But I love color!

      • I can e-mail you an invoice for the print and the shipping (Once I go to the Post Office and get the cost). You can pay the invoice directly from the invoice by credit card, or mail me a check. I will need to get your new mailing address however, so if you could either e-mail me (tom@quarryhouse.us) or PM me on facebook, that would be helpful!
        And thank you!

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