Poem: The Truth of Glue

rainfall in the distance_resize

The Truth of Glue

This is what’s left,
after the lies and the hate,
after the years of wandering in the wilderness,
after the rubble has fallen,
This is what’s left,

something less,
less strong, less rich, less
socially acceptable,
less able to fit in,
less able to trust,
no longer able to play make-believe
with the world around me,
more willing
to be vulnerable,

less afraid,
more accepting of flaws,
even mine,
to judge.
to speak.
More willing to be wrong.

Just as afraid of storms,
better able to survive them
for like the label says,
the joints that have been glued together
are stronger than the original.

About this poem.

Last night I was glueing together a lamp part and was reading the label. Yeah, really, that’s where this poem came from. And it’s true.



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