Poem: nothing other


nothing other

pardon me while I pause and simply enjoy the moment.
there are too few of these,
where a lack of planning and fate combine
into the perfect balance,

where love in all its forms appear
in perfect proportions
of ease, soul sharing, conversation and passion,
where life becomes a dance

where everyone knows the music, dancing
a convoluted tango
with its mix of love and aggression,
s few short days where it is all true

and you can be everything, pagan and pious,
madcap and somber, creative and dull,
where there is no choosing, no either/or,
no need to be anything

than what you are.

About this poem.

What is intimacy? It is the place where we are safe being exactly who we are.



    • Wow! THAT is a complement. Actually, I think being safe to fully be ourselves in a relationship is both rare, and indescribably wonderful. I happen to be in that place with mine, and it is new to me, and a delight I can’t get enough of. Color me grateful.

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