Poem: Commerce (a love poem with pain)


Commerce (a love poem with pain)

I will love you if …
(and here you may fill in the blanks.
You know you can. The words
still echo in your mind:
smart, thin, the way you dress
or the shoes you wear, or
in my case, don’t wear enough,
how passionate you are, or aren’t,
the way you talk, or the speed,
or the hair you have or don’t,
the color of it, the cut,
the fashion of the moment,
or your propensity to tell truth
or…. yes you know the words.
Their echo cuts you. You hear them
even when they are no longer said,
your pain so sensitive, even a whiff of them
cuts. Yes, you know that it is less love
than commerce, this for that, the price
always going higher, higher, changing
to make sure the cost is just out of reach
for the one thing you hunger far,
oh so very far beyond  all others,
but leaves you wondering if perhaps
the price is too high, that you have paid too much
that loses value with every if.)

About this poem

You know the words. Sadly.


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