Poem: True Love


True Love

Scene: In bed. Preparing to meditate. You take two breaths. Another. One more. You prepare for your favorite meditation, a full body scan. It connects you to yourself and puts you very much in the moment. A healthy practice.

You: Good morning toes. How are you?
Toes: We hurt.
You: What? Toes don’t hurt. You’ve been sleeping all night.
Toes: Hey, you asked.

You (slightly irritated): Ok. Ok. You hurt. Top of my feet, how are you?
Top of feet: Kinda sluggish. Just not feeling it today.
You: But you don’t do anything!
Top of feet: Dude, you asked.
Arches: We hurt too. Just in case you care.
You: Wait your turn, arches
Arches: Sorry Boss, pain doesn’t work that way, you ought to know that by now, being sixty-one and everything.
You: Sheesh. OK, you hurt. I get it. How bad is it?
Arches: More sore than pain. Like you walked me too far.
You: But…
Arches: Come on, you ARE sixty-one after all.
You: Don’t remind me. Calves. how are you?

Calves: Stiff, but that’s OK. Nothing a walk downstairs for coffee won’t fix. But you might want to skip the knees this morning.
Knees: No way I get skipped. Whoever told you your knees are too big and overengineered for a man your size lied. I hurt like hell this morning,
You: But you were fine when I went to bed
Knees: Ha! You were just too pre-occupied to notice. Pay more attention next time.
Thighs: Can I make it three for three? What did you do yesterday, run a marathon?
Arches: He’s just old. Better get used to it thighs.

You (sighing): This is not going the way it should.
Arches: Shouldn’t ask questions you don’t want answers to boss.
You: Hips? Dare I ask?
Hips: I’m fine. Just don’t move and we’ll be good.
You: Oh.
Lungs: Hey Boss, all fine here with me and Ribs
Ribs: Speak for yourself lungs. I feel like I’ve been washed down a river and hit every rock like a pinball machine. What the heck did you do yesterday, after all?
Arches: It’s not what he did yesterday, it’s what he did the past sixty-one years. Really boss, you should have taken better care of yourself.

Brain: You should have picked a different meditation this morning.
You: Shut up brain. You are supposed to be turning off.
Brain: Well with all you guys talking there’s not much chance of that, is there?

Shoulders: Anyone interested in me this morning? Huh? How about it?
You: I am scared to ask.
Shoulders: You should be. Go ahead, shrug a little. You’ll know all you need to know.
You (shrugging): Ow.
Shoulders: Exactly.

(Phone rings. It is the woman you love.)
Woman you love: Good morning! How are you this morning
You (smiling): Fine!

And you suddenly realize you are.
That’s how true love works.

About this poem

This is nearly a verbatim playback of my morning this morning.


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