Poem: Kings 18:43


Kings 18:43

And seven times you went and looked
at the empty horizon,
at the empty sea,
and there was no storm,
no cloud,
no sign of what will come
the seventh time you stood at the seashore
and saw it
that first cloud,
the beginning of the deluge.
and choosing not to run,
but to watch the storm clouds rise and darken,
the winds blow around you
and the seas rise in anger and pain,
you chose to dance,
A Davidian dance
that your God was at work
and you were frightfully alive
and allowed
to see it all.

About this poem.

Kings 18:43 reads “Go again seven times.”. In it, the prophet Elijah is telling his servant to go to the sea and look for a cloud that God was to make, and that will bring a great storm. The servant comes back again and again after seeing nothing. But Elijah tells him to keep at it – seven times, until finally. the servant sees a tiny cloud, the size of a man’s fist, that quickly turns into the conflagration of a storm that Elijah had predicted.

The term “Davidian” refers to the moment when, after reclaiming the Ark of the Covenant from his enemies, David danced in ecstasy as he re-entered Jerusalem.

All this came from my morning bible reading, and it’s just lingered with me all day.


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