Poem: A Dark and Stormy Night


A Dark and Stormy Night

Outside, the storm rages.
Clouds block the sun
and the world dims.

Inside, it is darker still,
a black heart of fear threatens
to swallow you in a night
of your own making.

It would be better, you believe,
if there was lightning,
or a baleful bonfire

to consume the night,
to give you vision
where just this moment, there is none.

You fear, but you seem incapable of surrender.
It would be easier if you could,
but for all the dark chemical thoughts in your head

You cannot.

So let the wind roar. Let the dark threaten.
you will light a candle
and wait out the night.

About this poem

I don’t do many writer’s prompts. My problem is usually that I have too many ideas and thoughts, not too few. But a creative group I am part of put out a “dark and stormy night” challenge, and I just had to give it a go. And here you go, a fun Snoopyish title, with a Dark Towers feel and a bit of ¬†personal history mixed in.


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