Poem: This is What I Want for You


This is What I Want for You

This is what I want for you:
Freedom from eggshells,
from fear of fear,
from bombast and lies designed
to control and hurt,
from emptiness and starvation of the soul,
from staleness and a breathing death,
from pictures of yourself
as distorted as a circus mirror
and twice as dark,

A soft light
that brings clarity without cruelty,
that sees the truth gently
and draws strangers and lovers in the night
without burning retnas or bridges.

A sense of mystery and faith,
a faith without dogma or judgement,
a knowledge that you are not alone in this journey,
knowing your love will be magnified
and that when you fall you will be caught like a small child
and lowered gently to the ground.
a faith with less rules than love,
an acceptance that you do not have to know how it works
to know it does.

The love of children small and children grown,
of strangers on the street who see your smile,
of those that love you, and secretly,
of those who do not.
A love without the falsness of captivity or cruelty or distortion.
Pure. Simple. True.
Most of all, true.

I wish for you, adventure, moments of madness
and revelation, moments of travel beyond your place,
beyond your fears,
beyond your imagination,
something always new, with a smattering of fear,
just enough
to crash through like a barbarian
on your way
to the gates of your own private heaven.

About this poem

Happy New Year. May it be a blessed one that lifts you up, towards your most intimate wishes.




  1. Thanks Tom. This is a wonderful poem full of life, light and soothing exciting hope! The same prayer back to you. Happy 2017!

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