Poem: Imperfect Equilibrium


Imperfect Equilibrium

Softly, the day ends.
The sun sinks gently below the horizon
in a ribbon of color.

You breathe in the silence.
You breathe in the new air,
a survivor for one more day.

The battles are not won,
but neither are they lost,
your soul is neither dark nor shining,

an imperfect equilibrium.

The dark will be on you shortly,
but for now, the remembered kiss of the sun
still warms your skin. The sand

beneath your feet is mild and pleasant.
You will savor this. You will remember it
as the cold night drifts in

and it will be enough, this memory,
to carry you through the night.
the remembered sun burrowed deep under your skin.

About this poem

Every good moment is a treasure, to hold us through the dark times. True in a physical sense, a spiritual sense, a romantic sense.



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