Poem: The Emergence of Land


The Emergence of Land

It has been warm for a few short days
and the snow has melted with a vengeance,
flooding creeks and fields, overflowing banks
and leaving the landscape lost.

Ground, so like my soul, can only take so much
before it drowns,
before it surrenders to the onslaught,
and becomes unpassable,

becomes no longer familiar,
but something new, a messy detour,
never permanent,
but a detour nonetheless

leaving you with the choice,
to turn back,
to walk around, or through,
or to wait for the emergence of land.

About this poem. 

We had a few strange days of warmth last week, and the snow here in Southwest Vermont pretty much melted, all in a pair of days. There was flooding galore.

When I saw this scene, I stopped and took the picture, thinking how, for me, emotions, too many in too short a time, can, and too often do, overwhelm me. And I felt deep gratitude for those with the patience to wait.

More than you can imagine.


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