Poem: The Importance of Mending

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The Importance of Mending

The wind shifts.
The tide turns.
The weather changes.
People come and go and come again.
Cycles of prosperity and poverty rise and fall.
Seasons turn.
Births and deaths,
love and separation mark the time,
mark the crumbling and restoration,
the complication,
the chaos,
the thieves of your peace,
mindless devourers
of the things that matter,
beautiful cancers,
complete with blinders,
unable, or uncaring,
willing to kill the very one
that feeds them.

So be greedy.
Claim your peace.
Fight the blind ones
the selfish ones,
witting and unwitting.
Fish the deep seas, if you must.
FIght the salt and the rust and waves
that wear at you,
but too, rest.
Find your shore.
Anchor yourself in safe waters.
Take time to mend your soul
and wallow in the harbour’s gentle waves.

Or die.
There are only these two,
and despite the best efforts
of those that love you and hate you,
the choice is not theirs,
but yours.

About this poem

I have let the things important to me go, and it took years and years to reclaim them, to rebuild myself. Easier to maintain than to reclaim, trust me. Take care of yourself.


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