Poem: What Works

yellow flower.JPG

What works. 

A touch of decadence.

Someone to love.
Someone who listens.
Someone to serve.

A benevolent God
and the faith to let him work.

as much as you can surround yourself with.

A holy space
to create
and wonder and splash your madness across the page.

A little less than you want.
A little more than you need.
Gratitude for both.

The rest, as they say is fluff,
or worse than that, thorns
that choke out the best of us
and leaves us for dead.

About this poem

I recently changed my work blog’s Title to “What Works“.  And that got me thinking (What doesn’t?). About how often my advice to clients is about simplifying. Because the things that work are almost inevitably simple.

And from that, this morning’s poem.


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