Poem: Eyes to Fly (A prayer)


Eyes to Fly (A Prayer)

Open my eyes
to a world without weight,
where scars are no more
than beauty marks,
where breath is flight,
and even the ancient dance the jitterbug
to rap symphonies,

Open my eyes
to the music of the spheres
blowing in the wind,
where wild haired ideas of kindness
sprout like dandelions covering the earth in June.
Help me see in the dark,
and hold me in the night
as we both fly beyond madness and pride
into faith.

About this poem

There is a story in the bible ( Matthew 14:22-33) about Jesus walking on water. And about Peter too stepping out of the boat to walk, and sinking in the water.

What we forget sometimes is that Peter actually did walk on water for a couple of steps. His faith held and a miracle happened.

In the dark days we are in just now. it is a good reminder. When enough of us begin to see and live in love, we will fly. It is true individually, and it is true in the broader story of life.

Your madcap believer,


PS – The picture was taken at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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