Poem: Still Battles


Still Battles

Come, sit.
It is a long journey to peace,
and the way is hard.
From time to time,
you need rest.

Rest from the journey
that takes you nowhere,
that changes nothing
how you see.

The journey inward is arduous.

Unlearning, it seems is harder
than learning,
and there is much of it to be done.
Many tears to shed.
Many lies to untangle.

There are barriers to climb.
There are those who wish you
their particular blindness,
who flood you with their truths,
their lies,
and defy you to tell the difference.
Confusion is their friend.
Confusion is your enemy
and they depend upon it
to keep you in thrall.

But you have made the journey.
you have learned to sit with the pain.
You have learned how often explosions lie.
You have learned to be still
To trust the silence
more than the noise.

It is not an easy thing.
The battle leaves wounds
that heal only partially.
Healing comes slow.
It is never complete, and still,
you journey.
You listen,
You, finally, see
just enough to know
this is not all there is,
that peace is not found in grand resolutions
or the snarl of hate.

It is found in the quiet of the river.
It is found in the crook of your lover’s arms.
It is found in the babble of children,
the purr of a small cat,
in a cup of coffee,
or the perfume of phlox in the evening,
in the patience
to be still.

Do not mistake stillness for ease.
Because the demons are all lies,
does not make them less treacherous.
Because they live within,
they are no less damaging or easier
to kill.
No. The ones that live within are harder still to battle.
Their death comes harder because part of you dies with them,
and at first, you are unsure
what will replace them.

So sit with me.
Breathe in the meadow.
My love will fill you.
And yours will fill me.
And in the quiet, we will find more than peace.
We will find

About this poem.

A poem of the soul, of God’s love, and our love for each other. A poem of my journey, and others. A love poem that goes beyond people around us to ourselves and the truths we believe most.

The picture was taken at The Clark Art Institute.


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