Poem: If Only For Now


If Only For Now

The sea is quiet. Calm.
It is what you needed, not a moment,
but hours, days of stillness.

You have lost your skills
as a juggler of chaos.
Lost your joy of madness and maelstroms.

They have taken their toll
and you have no desire to relive
your mistakes and wounds.

You have bled

And so you seek the quiet places,
the healing spaces in time and space.
and you find them, savor them

and hold them close as breath.
you let the peace soak into your skin
like a spring shower, warm and refreshing.

You know your limitations, far better than your strengths,
but here, with the vast nothing around you,
you release them both.

There is no struggle.
There is no pride.
There is nothing but the air and sea and your spirit

Finally at rest,
if only for now.

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