Poem: Natural Light


Natural Light

Give me
natural light.

Let me see
what is.

Let the dark corners
stay dark until the sun shines and fills the dark.

Let my colors be
what they are.

Let my wrinkles show,
but do not magnify them.

They are enough.
Each one earned. Each one a signpost,

seen well enough
in natural light.

And by that light,
I will find my way

to you. Perfect
in natural light

About this poem

We live in a world where everything is awesome, amazing and astonishing, or it is horrid, hateful and evil; a world where too much time is spent creating myth with lights and mirrors.

The truth is we live somewhere betwixt and between. In natural light. And that is enough.

Or at least it should be.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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