Poem: Shoveling Snow

stairs 2.JPG

Shoveling Snow

Underneath the snow, stairs lie.
A short stack, maybe five or six.
Concrete. Simple. A bit of artwork
painted on the risers.
a sprig of green grows still in one corner.

The winter will be long.
So the prognosticators say.
Long and buried in snow,
no great storms, only a few inches
every day or so, enough

to assure the stairs will stay
covered all season, or
you will spend the season shoveling,
a more probable outcome.
a daily work, a daily investment

in moving here to there,
despite the elements,
despite the gods of weather and their fickle teasing,
you know the path exists
only a shovel full away.

About this poem.

It’s about snow. It’s about life.

The stairs are near my favorite diner.


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