Poem: Easter Monday


Easter Monday

The log fell long ago.
No longer majestic, it has become the feeding place
of fungus and moss and spring flowers,
oddly alive
long after death, slow-motion proof
of resurrection.

You see yourself in the fallen tree,
recalling your own fall in the wilderness
and the long years as you came undone,
the best of you lost to a slow death.

Almost fatal.
You became fodder to those that hated you.
A mystery to those that loved you,
A riddle
to yourself.

A decade and more later the new growth
has joined the forest,
the Easter promise taken root
despite your propensity to rot.

About this poem

This is the last of a cycle of poems and thoughts around Easter. They include the poem Good Friday, and a short essay called simply Easter Thoughts.

Easter is not only the central event in the Christian year, but it has particular meaning to me as someone who has crawled out of his own dead place, his own wilderness, and could not have done it without God’s love. I believe because I live.

Back to non-easter poetry tomorrow.



  1. Tom,
    I just love this and will be sharing these with my students at Colorado Christian University and Gwynedd Mercy University. I am so happy you have found that special joy in your life. This perspective, I believe, will help many students who are facing similar experiences when trying to walk with Christ. I used to go to a church that just painted a picture that everything would be roses after you accepted Christ. You paint a much more realistic picture of the struggles that we go through.
    May God bless all that you do! Jim Brown

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