Poem: Stand Aside


Stand Aside

I am in no mood for patience, for secrets,
for locked doors to places I want to go.
There is no subtlety left in me.
No patience to pick locks
or puzzle out arcane combinations.

So stand aside.
Forget every gentle thing you believed you knew
as I blow the door apart with fire and fury
and saunter in.

About this poem. 

My mood today.



  1. I love this!!! It explains my love life right now! I do hope this just means you are determined to get through things and not that it’s a bad day for you.❤️ I’m gonna steal and re post.. thank you!

  2. This made me smile, today……..:-)
    When I feel this way, I look at those around me, and say to myself,
    ” tell them (silently) that they do not want to poke this bear, today!”

    Thank you for sharing, Tom.

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