Poem: Unchosen Well

foggy fields

Unchosen Well

This is not the way I would have chosen.
This is not the way I wished to come.
I would have chosen something gentler,
something that would have left less scars,
in its convoluted way.

But, here you are, well worn,
with stories to tell, stories that only come
from hard journeys and broken pathways you never asked for.

But here you are,
precisely where you were meant to be,
where you wished to be,
and far more interesting for the journey.

About this poem

Sometimes we are tempted to ask how we got here. More often I find myself asking how in the world did I get where I wanted to be, when I took every wrong path possible.

Ha! And they say there is no God.

The picture was taken near my house in West Pawlet, VT.



    • Thank you Lucy. I love taking pictures. Often when I am out and take a picture, my wife or my kids will say knowinging, “There’s a poem in that one.”They know.

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