Poem: Simpleton

shaker kitchen_resize


It is a good chapter you live in.
Imperfect, broken and a bit chaotic,
it is, in the beginning of your old age,
a new place.

You have had the complexity beaten out of you.
You have had your history turned to doubt.
Yesterdays and tomorrows are lost.

And so you live here.
In this good chapter.
In this good moment.
None of you diverted by past or fear,
all of you, every piece left, present.

That is all you have, all that remains,
your presence,
whole and complete,
remarkably uncomplicated
compared to what you once were.

A simpleton
in the best way,
without need for appliances
and widgets
or the distractions
that swallow us alive,
separate us,
and leave us for dead.


  1. I related on many level to this piece, Tom and as a bit of humor- when I got to the last line I immediately flashed to the “Im NOT dead yet!” line in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Nope not dead yet in fact far from it – ready to hike more trails and seek more adventures. Heres to the finely aged Spirits we are becoming!

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