Poem: Self Portrait with Shadows


Self Portrait With Shadows

The shadows are safe.
It is dark there
and no one sees the scars.

You are a silhouette
and others can fill in the details
as they will.
The blood barely shows.

Dark and mysterious,
Yet close enough
everyone recognizes the outline.

The shadows are safe.
This you believed.
You lived there, close,
yet nearly invisible, unaware
how much light lives there

and how much is seen
despite the darkness, unaware
how much light leaks in, unaware
how dangerous the shadows are,

how your light is lost,
how you leave yourself to the unsavory imaginings of others,
how you disappear.

Better to light your own candle.
Bring your own light.
The only one that is true,
and dance in the sunlight,
scars and all
for all to see.

About this poem. 

Most people who know me are surprised at just how terribly shy I am, how much of my life was spent being invisible, how much work it has been to put myself “out there.”

Hard work, but worth it.


PS – The picture is me. About as close as I get to a selfie.

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