Poem: Victories of the Day


Victories of the Day

The chaise calls you
and you yearn to answer,
to lie by the windows
and let your mind wander far into the clouds,
to think of greatness and possibility.
Deep thoughts. Spiritual thoughts.
On Eagles Wings thoughts, but
it is too early and
you know the reality.
You know the danger,
for it is too soon from the morning’s first battle.
You are awake in this moment,
fighting past the darkness of the morning,
but not far enough away
that it cannot swallow you again.

So you will walk past the calling couch.
For all it’s beauty and comfort,
it is not for you.
There are things to do, battles to fight,
and until the day is nearly done there will be time
to rest, safe in the victories of the day.

About this morning. 

I am in some ways, a creature of another era. Despite how I make much of my living with technology, I do my best work when I am allowed to sit and think. Good old fashioned thinking. That’s when my clients get their money’s worth.

But not too early in the morning. If I stop early in the morning, my depression wins. So thinking is best left for late in the day, and at night. Mornings and days are for action. I like to stack my victories before I rest. That’s what works.


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