Poem: An Erotica of Truth



An Erotica of Truth

The thing is, I find beauty in unlikely places.
I prefer the raw to veneers.
Show me the broken bones and I will understand
the building, the work, the why of beauty
in all its uncomfortable truth,
a far more intricate masterpiece than paint
and empty flirtations, trustworthy,
an erotica of truth.

About this poem. 

  1. I am in my second marriage, a radically different thing than my first. Not easier, better, with its own kind of beauty.  I sing songs of gratitude every day. Mostly it looks like dad dancing, but still…..
  2. I like to understand things, people, politics, old buildings, art. I like to ‘get it”. I don’t always, but I like to.
  3. I am an introvert’s introvert. Give me intimate conversation over a crowd any day. A crowd being any number over 4.

From all that, this little poem.


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