Poem: Outside Your Window


Outside Your Window

The Grange hall sits on a side road,
overgrown now, with flowers and vines,
easily missed, this place that once served
at the center of this rural town.

It is only one loss, in a life full of them.
The country store burned. Two others closed.
There have been too many funerals to count.
Your children have left for new lives elsewhere.

This is your life.

But you are too far in to mourn.
It is the way of the world, this falling aside
of the precious things,
leaving room, if you allow them,

for the blessings just outside your window
wanting in.


  1. Again, I love your combination of art, poetry and special thoughts! God bless you Tom and all that you do. You are a special joy in my life and in the life of others. Dr. Jim Brown

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