Poem: Almost Easter

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Almost Easter

It is almost Easter.
Dark. Oh so dark,
your world consumed by loss.
It has eaten everything,
as far as your sight allows you to see.

There is no reason to hope.
The dark has devoured that as well.

You pilgrimage.
a journey more of habit than expectancy,
the moment you dread.
a confirmation
that the demons have won.
It is dark, Oh so dark.

The moment before Easter, and then
the dawn and discovery
that everything you believed was wrong.
The dawn cannot be killed,
deserving or not, grace lives,
and so do you.

About this poem

Easter is a particularly emotional time for me.

Most of the four gospels say it was dawn when the women and the disciples went to the tomb. Only John says it is dark. I prefer his version, for the whole story of Easter is a journey from dark to light, from death to life, and I have experienced that journey in my own life.

Grace and love are the most powerful things in the world. I believe this, even when the evidence sometimes seems to indicate otherwise. When you’ve lived it, you know.

Blessings as Easter approaches.



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